Bronze cast bowls

Last week I cleaned up two bronze bowls that I cast.

One was cast in beach sand and green-sand. The form was made as a 3D print of the Damascus steel wee bowl. I put three sapphires into it which form little ‘windows’ in it. Sapphires are found in Scotland (the Western Isles rather than Fife) and can withstand the high temperatures of molten metal.


The edges reflect the rough edge of the print and the underside has interesting textures, because the green-sand was too wet and made steam through the metalsapphirecast_enos

The second piece- pictured as it came out of casting; was from a beeswax mould and cast in beach-sand. I has quite a rough texture, probably because the sand adhered to the wax. It has a couple of sapphires and some flakes of iron in it.


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