Why bronze is used to make bells and pewter isn’t

Close followers will recall the 6 part silicon mould. This was used to pour low-melting-temperature, white metal (pewter), otherwise the mould would have melted.

The sea-washed brick piece is like a sea-shell, because you hear the sea when you hold it to your ear. brickbronzepewteri_enospewter piece (right) bronze piece (left)

Sadly pewter does not resonate like bronze (hence no pewter bells) and the piece did not work. So I used it to make a sand mould for another bronze pour.bricksandbox

sand box being readied for casting


The secret of the sound revealed.


brick, bronze and wax


This bronze piece does hold the sound of the sea. It just needs the closing to be finished. You may come and listen to it at my degree show May 22nd in Dundee.


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