Can mixed metal casting work?

All through this year I have been playing with mixing metal to get colour. I started with mokume and the pattern welded steel, but I wanted to try mixed metal casting. The textbooks largely say it can’t be done as the surface of one oxidises before the next metal is added, or the metals mix to form alloys.

I found both these things happened, but I like the results.

mixedmetal1enosiThe first piece is silver and copper and has an attractive alloy between the two. It was a simultaneous pour that Nuno helped with


This is it heated to deplete the copper from the silver, It shows the boundary between the materials.



This is the electric furnace used to heat the copper.


This is the beach-sand mould after the copper has been poured.


This piece I poured pewter first and then poured bronze down in the foundry. It has an incomplete join and some ‘burnt’ spots.. It was a sequential pour and the pewter was cold. It is in a beach-sand mould from a £D printed form.


This piece is copper and pewter, patinated with Cupra, another sequential pour with Nuno’s assistance. Again in beach-sand from a 3D form.


This piece is also pewter and copper, sequentially poured. In beach-sand with a wooden lathed form. Sequential pouring necessitates accurate estimates of the metal required for the cast.

mixedmetalgroup_enos mixedmetalrioi_enos

Group pics!


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