Cuttle fish casting practice

As I think I’ve mentioned already, I hope to run a casting work shop at Aqua Ventura (Portugal) this November. I’m just back from brushing up my casting skills with the lovely Zoe Arnold at West Dean.

I’m planning to start with cuttlefish casting using cuttlefish that we will collect on the beach (but I’ll make sure there are some dry reserves.)


The cuttlefish set up to pour in the molten metal.


The opened mould once the metal has been poured and allowed to cool, showing the shell, the pouring button and air vents.


The other side of the shell casting showing the cuttlefish markings.

All I need to do now is cut off the surplus metal, make the cuts look like the rest and take a photo. I may shine it back to silver too.

Silver Darlings

I’ve started a new design drawing on the landscape local to my studio in Cellardyke.

The fisher lasses were the women who followed the silver darlings (herring) around the coast of Scotland and down to Yarmouth. They gutted and brined the herring, gutting up to 60 a minute.


This is the layout



The layout with the seaweed oxidised. I gave myself a shock when I first tried it on as I thought it was real dried seaweed!

Still some work to do to complete the neck-piece, but I know what needs doing. I also have some other design ideas for the theme.