Earring commission


I’ve finished these two pairs of Silver Darlings earrings which were commissioned by a couple of visitors to ENOS, I hope they like them. I intend to make a few more for Pittenweem Arts Festival (Venue 53). They are mother of pearl, silver and moonstones; inspired by the herring lassies who followed the silver darlings (yes those are silver herrings)


Fisher Gallery. New show June 2017


Looking back to the sunny day when I took pieces down to the Fisher Gallery in Pittenweem.

Their summer show opens tomorrow, June 24th 2017.


These are the six pieces they will be showing, so if you are in Pittenweem for ENOS, or any other reason, maybe just pop in and see them.


New bowl design


cast bowl with seawater patina


cast bronze with sea water patina

I’ve been trying out this bronze bowl around the house to see how it looks.

It’s a new design -slightly lighter and more open than the first bowl in this series.

It is made from recycled bronze with shell impressions, using a ceramic form that I created.


Open Studios 21/22nd May


I finished the wee pewter bowls this morning and one is off to Germany with its new owner.


The wee silver bird earrings are off to new homes too.

I shall make up some more of these earrings for tomorrow, which use my silver bird charm and so are only available from my Open Studios (until Pittenweem, White Fox and London!)

Borders casting, the story continues (some more)


The block of sieved, cleaned clay, from Hume in the Borders, has dried in the sun (and wind). I’m hammering bits off it, then grinding it with the pestle and mortar. The powdered clay is then sieved and mixed with beach sand. This mixture, when it is correctly made up and moistened, can be made into sand moulds.


Here are three two-part sand moulds drying in the sun ready to go to the Scottish Sculpture Workshop to pour, because they are too big for my wee charcoal furnace. I’m hoping to make cast bronze bowls for my three shows this summer.

You can visit my studio as part of East Neuk Open Studios 21st and 22nd May and see my work.