Earring commission


I’ve finished these two pairs of Silver Darlings earrings which were commissioned by a couple of visitors to ENOS, I hope they like them. I intend to make a few more for Pittenweem Arts Festival (Venue 53). They are mother of pearl, silver and moonstones; inspired by the herring lassies who followed the silver darlings (yes those are silver herrings)


Earrings from the seashore


I made 10 earrings yesterday as a set, using pieces found on the beach and other oddments/treasures from my collection.


Silver Darlings

I’ve started a new design drawing on the landscape local to my studio in Cellardyke.

The fisher lasses were the women who followed the silver darlings (herring) around the coast of Scotland and down to Yarmouth. They gutted and brined the herring, gutting up to 60 a minute.


This is the layout



The layout with the seaweed oxidised. I gave myself a shock when I first tried it on as I thought it was real dried seaweed!

Still some work to do to complete the neck-piece, but I know what needs doing. I also have some other design ideas for the theme.