Sound piece

I am working with AnneP on a sound piece using the bronze-cast and Damascus bowls. It will include other sounds such as part of a Gaelic lullaby from ‘A Kist of Dreams’ and sounds of the sea and coastal birds recorded at Cellardyke. I hope that it will capture some of the spirit of the place.


The sound will be in a cast of a wonderful stone that I found on he beach where Mary of Guise landed in Scotland. I hope that this will be printed in a type of resin that will melt-out of the mould in a ‘lost-wax’ type of process.



Small Damascus bowl

The wee steel bowl in the last post has many incarnations. It has been 3D printed to use as a model for casting in green-sand (in bronze). It was sized up so the Damascus bowl can sit in it.


This is the mesh that was produced.


This is it scaled down and used for a silver and copper mixed metal cast. It sits in the wee bowl.


I have taken wax models of the outside and cast them in bronze using the beach-sand, and I have more wax models for future casts.

waxbowl1 copy_enos

There is also a direct cast with tripod legs that I am patinating with seawater, so it is gradually getting greener.


Beach sand casting

I’ve been busy casting the past two weeks as college has organized two bronze pours as part of a medal competition. Last week I cast the vessel that I plan to develop in silver with my silver bursary.

This is cast in beach sand from Cellardyke with some Crail clay mixed in.


I’ve also had several sessions to get a mesh of the vessel captured so that I can prototype different profiles for the vessel that still fit with the original. This remains a work in progress

3dmacenos 3dprintblog

The shape of the original vessel, which is Damascus steel, is informed from the tools, the process and the material used to create it.

Casting from 3D print

Big News, I’ve been given a silver bullion award (thank-you to Goldsmiths and Sandra Wilson) and am busy preparing designs for a domestic piece cast in silver. I’m very excited. I cast some silver rings in the States, but this will be a big challenge. I hope to make a piece that will fit with my Damascus and beach-sand casts. The Maker Lab is helping me 3d model a bowl-this is the set up to capture the shape.


I hope to trial the piece in bronze and beach sand on Tuesday.


The six part silicon mould for the sound piece is complete. Just need to find the time to cast into it.


ceramic 3d print mussel


The guys in mechanical engineering have a 3d printer that prints in ceramic. This is it at work on ‘my’ freshwater mussel shell.


This is the glue being printed in layers, the printer brings a layer of ceramic powder across each time it prints a glue layer.


This is a printed shell being retrieved from the ceramic powder. It has been heated for about an hour to fix the glue.


The shell is then dusted down and a coat of glue can be added to strengthen it.

The print can be coloured and the ceramic is used for fine detail. It feels quite powdery even when finished. Thanks to Gary for helping with this.