Stone to Bowl model making

waxfingersprued I make my models using beeswax from a beekeeper who lives near St Andrews. She and her bees make lovely wax that smells delicious and is just right for making models.

I  started small but wanted to make fine models to challenge the techniques. I made finger tip rings by dipping my fingers in the melted wax. stonetobowlJuliaCowieThese then need to have pouring stalks added (sprues). They are then ready to be dipped in the clay mix to build up the mould.


After successfully casting finger tip rings I moved on to small bowls which were made by dipping clay bowls in wax and adding pouring stalks.


Casting on the beach

Using Holger Lonze’s practical research into Bronze Age techniques I made a lost beeswax clay dip mould which I cast in recycled bronze on the beach at Cellardyke..beachbellowslone_enos

This is me working the bellows. I shared this task with Roddy Mathieson and Gordon Lochead.


This is one of the charcoal fueled furnaces


Me pouring the mould.


breaking the mould to get the cast out.


Cleaning up the cast bronze vessel.

ceramicdip cast_blurb

The piece ready to have the runners and risers removed.

The final piece is part of my degree show – so may be seen on May 22 in Dundee