All the photos on this site are of my work.

Lives in a Landscape

My work is my response to the landscape. I believe that reading the landscape is a hard-wired survival skill in us all. Landscape holds our history and sustains us – it inhabits us as much as we inhabit it.

I have chosen to work with natural materials from my local landscape as far as possible. I’ve also chosen to use traditional processes, which bring us closer to the landscape and lives lived on the land; processes such as forging and casting. The work celebrates the interaction of people with their cultural and natural environments.

My design is led by what the processes and materials can achieve and how pieces feel when held. The surface patterns, textures and forms are integral to the making.

The aesthetic is simple and understated. The character of a piece arises from the process of making and beauty comes with age, patina and wear.

Connecting with and creating in the landscape, a concern for sustainability and reflecting on the importance of the domestic is at the heart of my work. I want the viewer to find a sense of space and connection; and to reflect on the value of small lives well lived.



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