Week 7

Used the spiral saw blade to make press form moulds in acrylic and made my first piece of seaweed. Learnt how to do rivets, but have to admit I’ve not tried that yet, made a box (hinges to follow) and set out our open day displays. Bought my first ebay silversmithing stake, it’s great – just need a tree trunk to fix it in

Week 5

Etching practised – great results from simple process using rotor spray in particular. Made tool for tamping down (don’t know what it’s called) and learnt how to make a press mould – but it looks pretty hard. Goldsmith’s Fair good – lots of jewellers being engaging about their work so plenty of material for thought and sketch book. Lunch at the Barbican, where Arthur Scargill lives.

week 4

Soldering going pretty well – amazing what a bit of practice can do. Started patination, but the extractor fan is broken so we can’t take out our prize samples.

Interesting people using the car share – sustainability, fundraising, research in life sciences, a friend of Emma’s – and great not to have to drive, find parking and the rest – saves about an hour each way.