Open Studios update


I took a commission to personalise this charm bracelet. The adder stone ( a traditonal protective stone with a water bored hole) and the lava bead are replaced by the rock crystal, a garnet and by a sterling silver cast heart. The heart charm is not cast yet, but I’ve made up the two stone charms. The bracelet now has charms for health, happiness, friendship, hangovers and wealth, with love to follow. The new owner will get charms added to celebrate her life.

Another visitor is keen to have some charms personal to her made up into a bracelet, so that sounds fun.

I still have some bracelets available for sale and/or modification though.

Open Studio 17th-18th October


And the final new charm bracelet, again with the Ethiopian silver cross and Saudi silver leaf, a calming Indian moonstone and a coloured glass stone. This one has a clear glass piece and a heart charm. So again, plenty of good luck charms on a sterling silver heart chain.

Come and see it at ENOS Open Studios this weekend.

ENOS Open Studios 17th/18th October 2015


A silver, heart-chain charm bracelet.

This one has an Ethiopian silver cross, an Indian moonstone, a Scottish coloured-glass stone, a piece from a Saudi silver earring, a heart charm and coloured glass beads from NY State.

Moonstones are calming and Ethiopia has ancient religious roots (home to the Queen of Sheba; and resting place of the Ark of the Covenant) so I think this would be a particularly auspicious bracelet. Come and see it at Open Studios this weekend.