Week 32

Spent a great week with Eileen Gatt at her workshop in the Black Isle.

I cleaned several of her silver castings – Inuit influenced polar bears and Scottish storytelling pieces such as the hare

Eileen Gatt's workshop

Eileen Gatt’s workshop

It re-enthused me to go back to the several charm based ideas I have had.

I even finally got to put together the charm necklace that I’ve had on the go for ages and sent away a charm to get a mould made – which is a bit exciting.

Eileen Gatt's fox charms as filed and polished by me

Eileen Gatt’s fox charms as filed and polished by me

I was also introduced to Rio Grande so it could prove to be an expensive week.

Eileen Gatt's castings that I finished for her

Eileen Gatt’s castings that I cleaned

Week 31

I read up some more on mokume gane and made a new billet, which is ready to roll some more. I spent some time at the MakLab working through the Rhino tutorial. Visited Dot Sim at her Fife open studio. Visited Marion Kane at her West Kilbride workshop and heard more about her Silver of the Stars piece, also explored ideas around advent.

mokume gane billet, copper and gild metal

mokume gane billet, copper and yellow metal

Heard Hiroshi Suzuki speak about his career, I would have liked more info on his working methods.

mokume gane billet

mokume gane billet

Week 30

I finished planishing the raised bowl I rescued as wrinkled oxidised scrap from the waste bin. I’m not 100% sure of the shape, but here it is in its shiny-ness.

ImageI think the workshop users will be pleased that it’s finished for now. I’m wondering about enamel for it – but that’s quiet at least.


I also helped paint the degree space and helped a fourth year saw pierce, file and sand a few of her pieces. I’m looking forward to the degree show on 19th May.