Bronze cast bowls

Last week I cleaned up two bronze bowls that I cast.

One was cast in beach sand and green-sand. The form was made as a 3D print of the Damascus steel wee bowl. I put three sapphires into it which form little ‘windows’ in it. Sapphires are found in Scotland (the Western Isles rather than Fife) and can withstand the high temperatures of molten metal.


The edges reflect the rough edge of the print and the underside has interesting textures, because the green-sand was too wet and made steam through the metalsapphirecast_enos

The second piece- pictured as it came out of casting; was from a beeswax mould and cast in beach-sand. I has quite a rough texture, probably because the sand adhered to the wax. It has a couple of sapphires and some flakes of iron in it.

Ratho Forge – shaping Damascus steel

Last Saturday I spent the day at Ratho Forge outside of Edinburgh, where Pete helped me shape up the remaining pieces of Damascus steel that I’d made.

Not only does he have a fierce-some hot forge, but also some really great tools for shaping steel.

pressmachine_enos pressmachine1enos

This is a power operated press which can be used with different shapes of tools. In this case I was shaping a piece of Damascus plate, that I’d thinned down on one of the power hammers, into a bowl.

I’ve sand blasted the bowl and used a diamond burr to remove the crud, but it’s not etched yet.


I’ll post pics when it’s finished.

It has a lovely tone when struck and I’m consulting with musician friend Anne on whether we can create some music for it.

I also worked on two spoons, also not etched yet.

Thanks Pete

East Neuk Open Studios – visit me


While I was holidaying in Greece at New Year I was applying to be part of the East Neuk Open Studios this year. I’m pleased to say I’ve been accepted and you may come and visit my fledgling studio in May and October to see what I’m up to.


My Studiostudioenos

edipsosteamenosThermal water Edipsos

The weekends  are  23-24th and 30-31st May, 10.30 – 6.30pm  and 10-11th and 17-18th October, 10.30 – 4.30pm


Beach sand casting

I’ve been busy casting the past two weeks as college has organized two bronze pours as part of a medal competition. Last week I cast the vessel that I plan to develop in silver with my silver bursary.

This is cast in beach sand from Cellardyke with some Crail clay mixed in.


I’ve also had several sessions to get a mesh of the vessel captured so that I can prototype different profiles for the vessel that still fit with the original. This remains a work in progress

3dmacenos 3dprintblog

The shape of the original vessel, which is Damascus steel, is informed from the tools, the process and the material used to create it.