Degree Show

I had a great evening last night at my degree show opening. I meet some interesting people, sold a piece to the Dean of the Art School and heard that I had been awarded the Bradshaw travel bursary. Days don’t get much better than that.

The degree show runs all week (I’m in on Thursday and Friday if you want me to talk about it all) or can meet up there ‘by appointment’ as I’ll be in working.


This is my set up.


Bronze and pattern welded steel spoons


and again

Casting on the beach

Using Holger Lonze’s practical research into Bronze Age techniques I made a lost beeswax clay dip mould which I cast in recycled bronze on the beach at Cellardyke..beachbellowslone_enos

This is me working the bellows. I shared this task with Roddy Mathieson and Gordon Lochead.


This is one of the charcoal fueled furnaces


Me pouring the mould.


breaking the mould to get the cast out.


Cleaning up the cast bronze vessel.

ceramicdip cast_blurb

The piece ready to have the runners and risers removed.

The final piece is part of my degree show – so may be seen on May 22 in Dundee

Casting on the beach – bell metal


More photos of the day we cast on the beach.

These show the reincarnation of a cracked bell (bell metal) into a wee vessel.


We tried to mix metal pour the bronze with copper, but the copper was too difficult to keep at temperature and blocked the mixed pour.


So only the smaller cast was successful. The bell metal became particularly colourful as it got very hot waiting for the copper to be ready.