Alchimia – Japanese alloys


Professor Kimiaki Kageyama led the week’s workshop. I made 3 alloy mini ingots – 2 shibuichi (silver and copper) and 1 shakudo (gold and copper).


I used the shakudo, when I’d rolled it down to sheet, to make magpie earrings using silverĀ  nunome-zougan. They are patinated with copper sulphate and copper oxide, the silver protected by daikon.


I used shubuichi for a grey wolf. I reticulated the surface for texture when I soldered the loops to hold the chain. This piece is heading to my sister for her birthday.


Sensei Kageyama inlaid silver into the shakudo raven for me. He also helped me make a chisel for future nunome zougan projects. The shakudo is patinated.