Pittenweem Arts Festival new pic


That’s me in my venue with visitors; it’s on the updated Arts Festival site (along with a great photo of Reinhard Behrens)


Society of Designer Craftsmen: Licentiate Awards 2015


John Weiss came to assess my work at New Designers and they have sent me his assessment of my work and an invite to show in London next year. So that’s exciting and something to work towards:-

“With a well-developed exploration of casting techniques, the applicant shows a mature combination of creativity and technical resources, promising a good future as a designer maker, with an imaginative approach to serendipitous artefacts of her processes. In the light of existing and likely achievements, should soon be in a position appropriate to full membership of the Society.

Recommended to exhibit at the Mall Galleries Exhibition in 2016

Assessors Name John Weiss”

The pic is of a sound piece work in progress

New Designers and Pittenweem Arts Festival catch up


Guess who got selected for Gold Membership of the Guild of Jewellery Designers. Yep me. This is the link to the article about it. It comes with exciting things like discounts and publicity and useful things like insurance. There is also a Facebook page for people to sell and exchange stuff and I’m looking forward to some earring boxes heading my way.

I took some of the pieces that I sold at Pittenweem to their new homes earlier this week. Which was great fun, very grand homes for all.weespooniv

One of the wee Damascus spoons went to a new home too. I can now reveal this (it might have been a Christmas surprise, but I now know it couldn’t wait!). It is apparently sitting on slate, but I think I may investigate charred oak, defo needs something.

Pittenweem Arts Festival Days 4-9

The Festival continued to be busy and interesting people kept on coming to my venue. I carried on selling steadily and raised £242 for Nepal DEC selling pewter shells:-


I also raised £30.70 for Shistomiasis control from donations for this postcard:-


I photographed some of the pieces that were sold:-


large bronze bowl, beach sand cast.


Patinated cut bronze bowl


Beach sand cast bronze tumbler.

I am taking the pieces to their new homes tomorrow.

Then I shall get on with the commissions I took.

Pittenweem Day 4

3mixmetcomp_edit copy

Said farewell to three pieces today; and found I don’t have a photo of any of them. oops

One was a mixed metal silver and copper casting that had a sweet heart shaped hole in the centre (so I’ve put up a mixed metal compilation.)


One was a bronze bowl formed on this Damascus steel piece, away to be a birthday present, so probably a good thing I don’t have a photo (spoil the surprise)


And one was a beach-sand cast bronze bowl formed from the largest of these Damascus bowls, off to a new home in Falkland after the Festival.

Pop down to venue 69 to see my pieces before they go!

Lots of lovely people dropped by, including Dot Sim, Georgie Young and Keny Drew. Also art teachers, engineers, other artists, locals, visitors – generally a great day with lots of chat.

Pittenweem Arts Festival Day 3


I said goodbye to this wee mixed metal bowl today.


Also to one of these bronze bowls (the one with iron flakes and possible sapphires)

Both pieces are off to Edinburgh.

Also farewell to the bronze tumbler with copper mesh and silver


off to a new home with artist Georgie Young (venue 33 – best garden in Pittenweem)


Also the bronze bowl with the sapphires is off to the same new home.

Met lots more interesting people, some of whom want to kept informed of new work. So another good day.

Fay McGlashan dropped in, I hope to get to North Fife Open Studios and see her work, maybe do a swap for one of my pieces.

Pittenweem Arts Festival Day 2


I took some show and tell things in to Venue 69 at Pittenweem Arts Festival http://pittenweemartsfestival.co.uk/ This is the bronze casting that will hold the sound piece (which you can to listen to).

I also got to practice explaining sand casting and Damascus steel.

Pop down 10-5 today and see how I’m doing.

I’ve still a couple of pewter bowls left for Nepal Emergency appeal (I’ve just transferred £52 from yesterday’s sales) https://www.paypal-donations.co.uk/pp-charity/charity.jsp?NP_ID=76070


Also showing the pieces from casting on the beach. Come see.