100 days


This little former for casting is made in Milliput. Milliput can be shaped when moist and then sanded/filed when hard. It is a 2-part synthetic clay that hardens in the air. The first cast that I made using this former was a bit of a Manx cat, so I will need to try again. It is charm bracelet sized.


Heart charm bracelet


This one has lots of hearts, a dolphin, a lucky stone with a hole and a moonstone (so it’s super suited for Valentines). Solid silver throughout and several unique charms. Pieces can be added or taken away too….

Charm bracelets


This is a silver charm bracelet that I finished for Christmas. It’s a commission for a friend with a piece from the Thames foreshore, from the beach in Fife, a witch stone from New Zealand for luck, a silver threepence and a part of an old earring. So it’s quite special, includes lucky amulets and each piece has a story. I plan to do more for Valentine’s Day.